Spa Room Spray

Spa Room Spray

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Elevate your home with our beautifully stylish glass-bottle room sprays. They’re an uncomplicated and elegant way to quickly add a burst of freshness to your home and they come pre-filled with one of four unique fragrances.


Could there be anything in the world more beautiful than an African sunset? Let your senses carry you to where vibrant orange and red hues sink beyond distant trees and mountains, taking with them the fierce heat of the day to leave you in a world of wonder. This gorgeous scent holds sweet, powdery citrus layers, fresh, green mid-notes and a sense of the rich African earth, while oil of patchouli completes a relaxed, sensuous experience.

In the box & specs: 

1 x Room Spray Bottle (30ml of Fragrance inside)
1 x Gift Box (H 14cm x D 11cm x W 11cm)