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Sensum Diffuser + Free Spring Sensation Fragrance

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Introducing the Sensum Diffuser + Free Spring Sensation fragrance bundle deal. 

The Spring Sensation fragrance is back for a limited time only. Fresh, spring growth from nature was the inspiration behind this beautiful light and smooth indulgent fragrance! You are saving £15 with this bundle + free DPD tracked shipping!

You can select from 5 popular styles of Sensum diffusers:

  • Marble
  • Light Grey 
  • Storm 
  • Titanium
  • Gold (Limited Edition)

Diffuser features:

  • Low Noise Technology, ensuring you can enjoy the scents of Sensum without any interruption on your calm living atmosphere.
  • Be in control of the speed of the mist with our 2 speed setting.
  • 9 different clear high definition LED lighting to suit all interiors. Control the setting of the lighting to suit your needs. 

*Fragrances are pet friendly.