Inspired by a true story…

Once there was a man who loved to travel. He was blessed with success and filled with gratitude for his luck in being able to see the most beautiful places on earth. He wished he could bottle his extraordinary memories and his particular sense of those special places. He wondered how he could share how they made him feel with other people.

One day, he realised that just maybe he could. Hadn’t he read somewhere that smell is our most powerful and evocative sense? Our most precious gift? Could the scent of lemons on a warm Sicilian night, or the fragrance of rose on a Parisian market be more powerful than a photo, a new song, the sand in holiday shoes or a favourite meal?

He researched. He read. And he was right. A particular scent can be so magical that it wraps our other senses into one evocative feeling. And he had lots of memories to share. He looked for the finest fragrances and oils and learned how to preserve his memories. He found a way through a world of his imagination to the faraway places he loved.

With a stylish Sensum diffuser, ambient mood lighting and a delicate, timed mist to release these remarkable scents now you can go too. The only question is where will you go first?