A New Look for Sensum

A New Look for Sensum

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There’s a new look at Sensum this year and we’re excited to create lots more special things for you. The popularity of our range of mist diffusers and unique fragrance oils is continually growing across the UK, and so we’d like to share the story behind our company and why we think people love our products so much.

Just a few years ago, our founder was on holiday in an amazing hotel in Dubai, enjoying what was the holiday of a lifetime. He was having a brilliant time and to finish off every hot, fun-filled day, when he returned to his hotel he was greeted by the same beautiful, relaxing smell. 

It was a special touch that added something very memorable to his experience. He asked the hotel manager where the mysterious scent was coming from and it was explained to him that the diffuser, fragrances and oils they were using were inspired by old Arabia and the flowers, fruits and spices traditionally found there.

The fragrance left such an impression that when he got back home to Scotland it was still what he remembered most about his holiday. He did his research and created a similar scent with the idea of sharing that feeling with other people. With help, he developed our very first fragrance oil: that first scent was Persian Spice and it remains our best seller to this day.

At Sensum, we love to travel. It’s such a great way to relax, explore and experience new cultures, foods and people. That feeling of breaking free from day-to-day routines is irreplaceable and reminds us that there’s a big world out there to be enjoyed. It puts life in perspective, so when we get back home, we relax just that little bit more. 

Through our gorgeous mist diffusers, we’ve found a way to bring that sense of travel to you. They transform any living space into a tranquil place that appeals to all your senses. You can chill on a comfortable sofa, look at your beautiful things, have great design in our living space, and have your home smelling wonderful as the icing on the cake. 

We now have 16 fragrance oils to transport you to somewhere you love - or somewhere that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to go! You need just a few drops of oil in your diffuser and you’ll feel transported to wherever you want to go - and there are still so many amazing places to visit.

What’s your favourite destination? What do you remember most about it? How did it make you feel? Is there an essence of a particular destination you’d like us to try and bottle for you? We’d love to know what you’d like to see from us this year as we continue on our Sensum journey. Help us to create lots of new adventures this year!